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Our concierge service uses professional masseuses and practitioners trained and selected by our veterinary partners. Whether in your practice or at home, we offer alternative methods for your pet's well-being, thanks to the skills of specialists we've tested and approved: osteopathy, massage, seaweed wraps, naturopathy, reiki and other specialties.


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Massage is a set of precise, controlled touches and movements. The aim of canine and feline massage is to support the animal's physical and emotional balance, helping it to maintain good health and well-being. It is by no means a substitute for veterinary care, but it will be a great ally in your pet's comfort.


The aim of animal osteopathy is to restore the body's role of self-management and self-healing. It's a simple, gentle medicine that can be practised on all vertebrates, in all conditions, of all sexes and all ages. Help your pet feel better in body and paw by opting for this tried-and-tested method!


Through the energy transmitted by the hands, Reiki reduces stress, supports healing, balances emotions, strengthens the human-animal bond, and can bring comfort at the end of life. Sessions take place in a peaceful environment, using gentle gestures. By integrating Reiki into our services, we aim to offer additional support for the health of your four-legged companions.


Animal naturopathy focuses on the overall improvement of their health, using natural approaches to prevent and treat diseases and disorders such as anxiety. It relies on methods such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and other natural, non-invasive solutions. This method is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Seaweed wrap

Seaweed and marine sediments contain trace elements that contribute to muscular relaxation, the elimination of toxins, joint support, blood and lymph circulation as well as providing minerals for the vitality and proper functioning of the body.


Hydrotherapy uses water to promote healing, reduce pain, strengthen muscles, help with rehabilitation after injury, improve mobility, stimulate blood circulation, reduce stress, aid weight loss... This tried-and-tested method is increasingly popular with vets!


Treat your dog to the ultimate moment of relaxation with a clay wrap made from Dead Sea mud, renowned for its powerful natural skin-regenerating properties. This treatment is a veritable treasure trove of health benefits, rich in mineral salts and trace elements beneficial to body and mind.


Improve stability and body awareness with our proprioception sessions for pets. Strengthen your pet's balance and muscle deep areas, and reduce the risk of injury. Our professionals use their expertise to help your pet improve body awareness and well-being.

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