Cats visits and boarding

All-inclusive for fussy felines

Tout Pour le Toutou is also Tout Pour Le Matou! We offer cat-sitting services throughout France. Find the perfect pet sitterin your area to visit, feed and cuddle your cat according to its needs and desires. Our pamperers can also look after your cat in your home, or in their own home if your cat is more in need of human companionship.


From 12€50 per visit

From 25€/day for boarding at the pamperer's house

Cat Visits at your house

Our home visits, lasting from 15 minutes to 1 hour or more, give your cat all the attention and care they need: food, water, playtime, litter box cleaning and endless purring sessions. Our catsitters make every visit THE moment for your matou, while ensuring his safety.


Tell us your cat's exact diet and needs (wet or dry food - frequency - quantity), our pamperer will feed him/her and make sure there is enough water.


Our will clean your pet's litter box or cage for your pet's comfort and hygiene.

Playtime and cuddle time

Our little felines also need interaction, so our can entertain your pet with toys or accessories and offer long cuddle sessions.

Overnight boarding for your cat

Our concierges offer professional, passionate pet carers in your area who will take care of your pet in a boarding facility, at your home or theirs. This service is recommended for animals who are used to changing environment, or those who need human companionship when their owners are away.

There's no need to ask your pet to adapt any more, just choose one of our trusted pamperers to look after your pet in your own home.

They'll ensure your pet's well-being in the comfort and habits of their own home!

If your cat adapts easily to a new environment and needs human companionship, you can opt for one of our pamperers to look after your cat while you're away, in a secure home that's perfectly adapted to your cat's needs.

You can choose from different profiles, with or without other animals, depending on your mustachioed companion's preferences.

They'll ensure your pet's well-being in the comfort and habits of their own home!

Our benefits

Tailored care and supervision

Close contact with your petsitter

Personalized planning

Regular photos and videos

Access to a veterinarian in case of need

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