About Us

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Background Story

Our founder Mélanie adopted Malka, a Shih-Tzu Poodle mix when she lived in NYC. Mélanie moved back to Paris 2 years ago and could not find the right pet services for Malka’s needs. Mélanie had very long hours working in the office, and needed flexible and safe solutions for her dog. It made her realize that Paris was still limited when it came to petsitting, grooming, dog walking, dog transport and more. So, she decided to fill the void, creating a network of trusted, verified pet pamperers. Mélanie’s goal was to offer something different than your traditional petsitting/walking service – Tout Pour le Toutou was born!

Our Pawtnerships

Chez le Chien
La Fine Gamelle
Ouest My Vet
The Pet Sitter

Our Vision

"Pets deserve a Pawfect day everyday for all the love they give away."

Our Mission

"Anyone who has an animal knows they come with so much pleasure but do bring a lot of servitude. We aim to maximize your happinness while removing your constraints."

Our Leadership

Our leaders come from a various background but share one common root: the love for animals. Our mission came from a simple need to facilitate our life when it came to booking professional services for our pets. We want to give awareness to dog and cat news, services and to promote animal's rights.

Mélanie Gauthier

Founder, ex-frustrated dog mother

Joel Rainwater



Chief Poodle Officer, muse, influencer

Natacha V