Other Pets' visits

Rodents, reptiles, fish, insects... NACS are 5 million animals in France with specific needs. Knowing the demands of NACS and the difficulty their owners have in finding suitable care solutions in their absence, we bring in pamperers specialized in the care of this category of animals.

Visits at your house

Leave your pet in the tranquility of home with a careful pamperer

You can rest assured that your pet will be well fed and pampered according to the physiological needs of its species. Visits from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Book a service

Specify your pet's precise diet (type of food, frequency and quantities), and our pamperer.se will feed it and make sure it has enough water.


Our NACS petsitters will clean your pet's litter box or cage to ensure the comfort and hygiene of your furry, scaly or feathered companion. Our NACS petsitters are recruited for their knowledge of exotic species and their care.


Whether it's a rodent, lagomorph or reptile, NACs need special care, sometimes on a daily basis. To ensure this care is provided in complete safety, we call on the services of trained petsitters.