Our partners

Our Pawtners

Since its creation, Tout Pour Le Toutou has been striving to offer the best to our 4-legged companions. Our aim? To create a 100% pampering ecosystem to ensure maximum comfort for our human and non-human customers. That's why we surround ourselves with partner brands that share our vision and values.

A health and well-being ecosystem

The Tout Pour Le Toutou ecosystem is first and foremost a network of trusted animal health and wellness professionals with reputations in their field.

Our trusted clinic

Passionate and attentive to the needs of their little patients, Docteur Chefneux, Docteur Roche-Naude and their teams demonstrate great professionalism and rare human qualities.

Excellence at the service of our pets

Vox Animae™ is a training organization dedicated to training professionals who respect the natural needs of companion animals and are caring in their approaches and methods with them.

Training for dogs and humans

The aim of CynoPsy training courses? To show that with professional expertise and a caring approach, it is possible to offer a lasting balance and a fulfilling daily life in the dog-human relationship, whatever the initial situation.

Dog massage: more than just cuddling!

Convinced that malaise, whether physical or behavioral, is not inevitable, Chien-Zen offers them support and solutions through massage.

Our brand partners

The partners we recommend for your best friends!

Elmut, the revolution in your bowls

Opt for ultra-healthy, 100% fresh meals to keep your fur ball healthy and happy at every meal. Take advantage of a 40% discount on your first order with the code TPLTT40.*.

New-generation petfood

Offer your pet fresh, organic food with personalized recipes delivered right to his door! Take advantage of a 40% discount on your first order with the code TPLTT40.*.

CBD for our pets

If your pet shows signs of anxiety or pain, dietary supplements based on CBD, a molecule derived from hemp, can be a real help while being 100% natural! 20% discount on the entire site with code TOUTPOURLETOUTOU.*

Dog and cat health insurance at a sweet price

Kozoo is the first 100% digital pet insurance with an annual limit of up to €3,000, reimbursement in 48 hours and many more... Take advantage of a free one-month subscription with the code KOZOOTPLTT*!

Upcycling and second-hand for pets

Billie&Zach is the first French brand to offer upcycled and second-hand accessories and toys to our "fachiennistas". Take advantage of a 15% discount on orders over €10 with the code TPLTBZ15*.

Awaken your cat's instincts in style

Cats Your Love's aim? To satisfy the hunting and comfort instincts of indoor cats by offering them unique lifestyle items. Take advantage of a 10% discount on your first order with the code TPLTT10 !

Your dog's dream life

"Chez le Chien" presents a distinctive range of exceptional products for our precious four-legged companions. These products are carefully selected from the best national and international suppliers.

Your dog's social network

More than just an app, Woufers is the "canimuty" that puts doggie owners across France in touch with each other for pawsome walks for both doggies and their owners. Join them!