Behavioral Classes

It's teaching pawty!

Simple conditioning can make all the difference when it comes to communicating with your pet. Being accompanied by a professional is not a failure, quite the contrary: it's an investment in serenity and complicity between you and your pet.

Whether you want to help your dog cope with a specific behavioral disorder, train your puppy or kitten, or socialize him or her, our concierge service offers a variety of solutions tailored to your needs.


Behavioral assessment from €90

Training courses from €50

Is your pet showing problematic behavior? Our professional educators and behaviorists,

chosen for their professionalism and gentleness, will help you better understand

what your pet is trying to express, starting with a behavioral assessment

to identify your fur ball's needs.

Bringing a new pet into your home can be stressful and raise

many questions about its well-being and integration into the household.

Being accompanied by a professional will help you prepare your

pet's arrival and ensure a harmonious cohabitation.

Group lessons are ideal for socializing your pet while combining theory

and practice through positive methods.They include activities to stimulate

communication between the dogs present, while providing their humans

with the essential knowledge to build a human-animal relationship based on trust.

Solo walks are designed to help your dog get to grips with

his environment and the unexpected.Our behavior specialists

can accompany you on walks in the forest or in the city,

depending on the challenges involved.

And for our feline friends...

Aggression, inappropriate meowing, droppings outside the litter box... Cats can express stress and anxiety in their own unique ways. That's why feline behaviorists exist: their knowledge of cat behavior enables them to identify the cause(s) of the problem encountered by the owner and provide solutions to restore a cat-human harmony that will be beneficial to the whole household.


Our advantages

A positive, caring approach
Personalized follow-up
Carefully recruited, qualified professionals
Service covered by professional insurance

What issues are you concerned about?

Group Classes


The recall is a key command if you want to be able to leave your dog off the leash in big opened spaces

Leash Walking

Tired to have your dog pulling on the leash or to run after him ? Teach your doggy to walk at your pace

Potty Training

Your House is suffering from the lack of education of your pet ? Potty-train your animal



Separation anxiety, excessive barking, many troubles can come from a hidden anxiety


Group classes and of sociabilisation to get your animal used to the presence of more pets and humans.


Agressivity issues and dominance towards others animals or humans. Positive educational methods exist to solve them.

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